10 augustus, 2005

School, or something to get me writing

In a few weeks I'll be going to my new school. For those of you who don't know me, or who I haven't told, I'm going to study Psychology ( sort of ). I have ordered my books ( which should have been delivered yesterday but weren't and now I'm angry with gianotten.nl ) and all there is to these last few weeks of this somewhat boring vacation is going to some parties and waiting.

I hate waiting, it makes me feel so useless. After a few hours of reading per day my attention drifts off to where it shouldn't be. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Paperclip. The internet, fortunately, is so full of useless information that if you only try hard enough you simply can't get bored. The problem here is that I consider this waiting, or killing time and killing time is one of the most stupid things to do. Anyone that complains on their deathbed about not having enough time shouldn't be bitching if they ever killed time. Killing time is killing yourself, sort of. How deep!

Anyway, that's why I hate waiting. And it gets so awfully boring, doing nothing makes me want to jump into walls ( which is also rather like killing yourself, I know ) just to be busy. Getting drunk also seems to do the trick ( yes, also bad for my health, I know ) but nothing works as good as helping old ladies across the street. Doing good stuff is really good for your mental wellness. Not only will it make people like you better, it also makes you like you better. So, Goths... go help a cat down a tree or something.

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