29 april, 2005


Never a dull moment. Since 1990, Zevenbergen Hockey Club and Chelmsford Hockey Club have a close bond together. Every other year the Dutch go UK, and the Brits visit Zevenbergen. Not only the youth but certainly also the Veterans enjoy visiting their freinds. This evening at 18.00 hrs the Chelmsford coach will arrive with a good 75 junior players and parents. The Zevenbergen organizing committee has a full program, including matches, beachsoccer, disco, BBQ's and community singing. Saterday the mayor of Zevenbergen will do us the honour to visit the pitch and on sunday mens first XI will compete a place in the 2nd leage. Everybody is invited!

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Keine Stijl zei

Mayor with M. Moehahaha. My English skillzz are mad!