26 juli, 2010

Ik twitter correct. En jij?

  1. To avoid readers’ annoyance, don’t make your profile background appear like an advertisement.
  2. Display your photo and let people know they’re NOT chatting with some faceless marketer.
  3. Follow people on the basis of your interest and significance, not because the crowd is following them.
  4. Post frequently (this means more than once daily!) to let people know you’re an active and responsive Twitter user.
  5. Your Twitter profile must not be based on the “I” factor. Nobody is interested in your daily meal intake, and instead your posts should be more relevant to what users would actually like to see.
  6. Make your discussions interesting by sending links of relevant info. For example, discussion surrounding SEO can be accompanied with a link of “best SEO tips for beginners”.
  7. Be personalized when you communicate with others. After all, people should know there’s a human being on the other end and not some anonymous company advertising its products/services.
  8. Whenever somebody becomes your follower, thank them by generating personalized ‘thank you’ emails. If you can’t thank every single follower yourself, employ auto-generated software that does the job for you.
  9. Don’t wait for people to respond and start chatting yourself using the ‘@ directive’. For example, you can write @ john: I totally agree with your point, but don’t you think it’s better if… (Your argument here) …this will make people answer you back and provide their own feedback.
  10. Don’t forget to reply to people who’ve used the similar ‘@ command’ or direct message at you. It’s your responsibility to respond to people who are taking time out to write to you.
  11. If you have a small followers list, don’t worry. What matters is how active and influential those people are around the twitter community. So build quality followers, not quantity!
  12. If you are following useless and inactive people, remove them from your list.
  13. Rule to remember: Don’t spam!
  14. Promote your twitter name via email, business cards, and other means.
  15. To know your reputation on Twitter and to make sure it’s clear, search your Twitter name through the ‘Twitter Search’ option.
  16. If you find people on Twitter search commenting about you (either in favor or against), participate in the conversation. If they’re talking good, thank them. If they’re talking bad, remove their misconceptions and be your own public relations officer.
  17. If you’re finding difficulty to fit in conversations, ‘Twitter Mashups’ can help provide you the relevant information you’re seeking.
  18. Follow a controllable amount of people on Twitter who you can easily track. If your following list is too long, you’re likely to miss a lot of important discussions because the streams may pass by too quickly!
  19. If someone ill-treats you, just overlook and move on. Replying back abusively will harm your reputation.
  20. Last but not least: have fun n Twitter! That’s how you can make it to the top…trust me!

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